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By   posted Dec 6th 2011 3:45PM

We can’t say we’re entirely shocked by the move but, according to Reuters, Verizon is getting ready to enter the streaming media market. Reports are that the company is in talks with programming partners to provide content for a Netflix-like video service that it could offer to customers not currently covered by its high-speed FiOS network. Obviously, details are scant, and there’s no telling when it might actually launch, but you can bet its competitors will be watching closely… and we don’t just mean Netflix. Cable and satellite TV providers are already wary of the public embracing cord-cutting — when one of their own seems to be encouraging the behavior it sets off a lot of alarms.

By   posted Sep 26th 2011 10:46AM

Google Drive

GDrive, GDisk, Google Drive – whatever they’re calling it these days – is coming. At least according to our friends over at TechCrunch. The service has not just been a rumor, but an actual product since 2007. Sadly though, it never made it passed the dogfooding stage. The internal cloud storage tool for Googlers has been highly anticipated, but in 2010 it seemed like the final nail was put in its coffin when Docs was turned into a makeshift replacement with the ability to store any file. Well, Google Drive still exists, and speculation is that Google Docs will eventually be rebranded as Drive and relaunched with non-Docs file storage moved to the forefront. What’s more, it’s rumored that there will be a desktop syncing component, similar to Dropbox. Of course, the image above (from a Google-sponsored presentation) and recently discovered mentions of in Chromium don’t necessarily mean anything. But, if Google actually plans on taking this Chrome OS thing seriously, Drive seems like a natural companion service. For now though, we’re just going to have wait patiently to see what, if anything, comes of these latest rumblings.

By   posted Sep 12th 2011 3:33AM

Details are still sketchy here, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon‘s looking to launch a Netflix-like subscription service for digital books, much to the chagrin of some publishers. According to unnamed sources familiar with the matter, Amazon is currently “in talks” with several publishers about the program, which would provide access to an online library in exchange for an unspecified annual fee. The insiders also claim that the service would be available for Amazon Prime subscribers (who currently pay $79 per year for free shipping and access to shows and movies) and that the proposed library would feature primarily older works, with monthly restrictions on the number of books a subscriber could read for free. Publishers would reportedly pocket a “substantial fee” for signing on to the program, though some are reluctant to participate, for fear that doing so would “downgrade the value of the book business,” according to one publishing exec. In fact, it remains unclear whether any publishers have thrown their hats in the ring, but we’ll certainly be on the lookout for any developments.

By   posted Sep 9th 2011 10:21AM
Here’s the word straight from Bloomberg‘s unnamed sources: Sprint’s not only getting the elusive iPhone 5 — it’s keeping an unlimited data plan around just to sway buyers who may otherwise spring for the AT&T / Verizon Wireless variants. Furthermore, these folks in-the-know have good reason to believe that it’ll be launched “next month,” which gives Apple a shockingly small amount of time to invite us over for a west coast reveal. As it stands, the only folks who’ll get limitless data with an iPhone 5 on its existing US carriers are those with grandfathered plans; any new customers on Ma Bell or Big Red will be forced to select one of many tiered options. Not surprisingly, neither Sprint nor Apple are commenting on the story, but if it all proves true, Sprint can definitely hang its hat on having one serious competitive advantage.

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By   posted Jul 7th 2011 8:20AM

Windows 8 and Steve Ballmer

It’s hard to believe, but with the show still six months away, we’re already getting bombarded with CES-related e-mail. We do have one piece of intriguing news to report at this early stage of the game: Steve Ballmer is set to kick off the festivities with the preshow keynote on January 9th and it’s a safe bet the presentation will be loaded with Windows 8 goodness. Now, what exactly we’ll see when the reliably excitable Microsoft CEO takes the stage is still a mystery, but WinRumors‘ little birdies have been whispering about a public beta of the upcoming OS and demos of both Intel- and ARM-based tablets — predictable, but still exciting prospects. Check out the PR after the break.

By Sharif Sakr posted Jun 23rd 2011 11:25AM

Nothing livens the day like a blurry screen grab of some Javascript, especially when it hints at the ghostly form of a social networking tool that doesn’t officially exist. The code was spotted hiding in plain sight at Google Profiles by Austrian blogger Florian Rohrweck, who fortunately enjoys browsing computer-speak more than playing in the park. Rohrweck noticed the word “circles” used repeatedly in the context of people adding and maintaining groups of contacts, and made the connection to the Google Circles social networking platform that was feverishly rumored and then vehemently denied earlier this year (a saga fully recapped at the More Coverage link). It’s impossible to know whether these few lines of code represent a forthcoming service, another social layer on top of existing services, or just pure experimentation on the part of Google devs. In any case, the circular references have apparently now been zapped, leaving us with nothing more than that screen grab — oh yeah, and Facebook.

By Michael Gorman posted May 24th 2011 3:06PM
There’s been rumors of a Google-fied mobile payment system for some time, and now it looks like the Mountain View crew is teaming up with Sprint to finally make it happen. Last month, we heard that the Now Network would bring NFC payments to its customers this year, and Bloomberg reports that the partnership and payment system will make its debut on May 26th. Apparently, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C. are the first cities getting the service, which is a much broader initial footprint than its Isis mobile payment competition. The anonymous sources also say that Verifoneand Vivotech are providing the hardware and software that will let you replace your credit card with aNexus S — because you’ve always wanted to replace your credit card with your Nexus S.

By Amar Toor posted May 5th 2011 6:49AM

Like two knights jostling for the hand of a fair maiden, both Facebook and Google appear to be courting the graces of Skype. A source close to Facebook recently told Reuters that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is thinking about buying Skype outright, as part of a deal that could be worth $3 to $4 billion. A second source, meanwhile, claimed that both Facebook and Google are more interested in forming a joint venture with the teleconferencing company, which has yet to issue an IPO. With discussions still in a nascent stage, both suitors are playing their cards close to their chests, while Skype, rather coyly, has declined to comment on the speculation. At this point, details are still hazy and rumor-infused, though it’s certainly not shocking to hear these kinds of murmurs buzzing around. Skype’s been integrating Facebookmore deeply into its software for a while now and has gradually branched out to Android, as well (albeit with mixed results). Both Facebook and Google would also stand to benefit from Skype’s millions of usersand all the targeted advertising potential they’d offer. Until we receive more substantiated reports, however, all discussions of possible unions remain restricted to the realm of conjecture.


By Tim Stevens posted Apr 28th 2011 10:16AM

Apple's cloud streaming service to be called iCloud?

Okay, so if you had to guess a name for an Apple service that exists in the cloud it’s pretty safe to say you’d pick “iCloud,” right? Good, now that we’re past the obvious, there are some slightly more compelling indicators out there that this may indeed be what Apple is going to call its (presumably) soon-to-launchmusic streaming service. We received anonymous tips about this name in the past, and now Om Malik is reporting some interesting history, that the domain is owned by a company called Xcerion, which recently re-branded its cloud-based storage service from iCloud to CloudMe. TechCrunch reached out to the company and got a beautifully-worded non-denial talking about how the new name better embraces the company’s cross-platform approach. That it does, but the timing is interesting. Obviously nothing is confirmed, but with Warner and at least one other of the big four record labels signed on, we’d guess the real name for this service should be drifting into view any time now.

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By Vlad Savov posted Feb 18th 2011 4:37PM

Welcome back to our annual tradition of speculating on just when and how Apple will freshen up its laptop range. AppleInsider is citing multiple sources today in support of its assertion that the MacBook Pro line will be getting upgraded by Apple, potentially as soon as next week. The Mac OS vendor is reportedly briefing folks to be ready for a “significant product launch” soon, which is narrowed down to its laptop division by a couple more pieces of circumstantial evidence. Apple’s Asian online stores have shifted their promised MBP delivery times from 24 hours to “one to five days,” indicating potentially lower stock quantities, while Italian blog iSpazio has dug up five new product SKUs that could be the markers for new laptop models. None of that sets anything in stone, of course, but we’re also hearing the expected upgrade to Sandy Bridge won’t afflict Apple’s new machines with that Cougar Point chipset flaw, so whenever Apple deigns to bring us this upgrade it should be nice and pristine.