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Maybe it’s just me but Sony kicked the crap out of Microsoft.  I’ve always liked the Playstation better than the XBox but man oh man the games just look so much more fun on Playstation.  And it’s cheaper?!  Sign me up.  I could care less that it doesn’t come with the “eye motion” thing and the XBox One comes with Kinnect.  I just want “old school” gaming on the controller.  It’s great they give you the option, unlike Microsoft.

The more I use Android, the more I realize that it could easily be my main computer.  In many ways, it already is.  I use my Android phone for almost everything.  I’ve got a 9″ Android table that I love.  But I still use my laptop on occasion for certain things.  Why?  Well, if I have to type a lot, I’m a LOT faster on a physical keyboard.  Also having some type of mouse is nice for certain things.  I could easily use an Android tablet as my main device.  For things I can’t do in Android, I could remote into my desktop via SplashTop.  If you haven’t checked out SplashTop, it’s amazing.  I don’t know how they do it but it’s freakishly fast remote access.  I tested it the other day and I could stream Hulu from my desktop on my tablet and it was easily watchable (with sound).  Crazy.  The specs on the new Asus Transformer Infinity are amazing.  HP also has one coming out around the same time with similar specs.  With HP’s priced at $480 with the keyboard dock, I would assume Asus will be around that price as well (I hear it will be $500).

I wonder if Microsoft is in a bit of trouble here.  I think it was Acer that is bringing out an Android desktop computer?  I”m a power user and I can still do quite a bit from Android.  For the non-power user, there is almost no reason to own a regular computer anymore.  You have to think about price too.  The Android computers are cheaper than Windows.  And with ARM, seemingly, being the future, I think Microsoft is going to have a hard time.  Yes, Microsoft has Windows RT for ARM but it’s so new that there are no apps.  I actually like the Windows 8 “metro” interface but with no apps, I just can’t use it.  Every type of app known to man is on Android.  It’s amazing.  I think it’s too little too late for Windows 8.  Yes, it will still be used by millions and millions, especially for business but for consumers, I think it’s done.  That’s obvious with the lack of “PC” sales the past couple of years.  People are going for tablets instead and I don’t blame them.  When a power user like me can use a tablet almost exclusively, what incentive is it for a regular user to spend more money on a more difficult operating system with no apps?  Nothing…

Congrats Microsoft…although am I the only one who doesn’t understand why the XBox is so popular?  XBox has few exclusive games.  PlayStation has a lot more exclusives that are unique.  I don’t know, I’ve always been a PlayStation fan but I guess if you are a die hard Halo fan, you have to get the XBox.  Which is another thing, why is Halo any better than any other shooter?  I mean it’s fun but PlayStation has good shooters as well.  Is this just me here?

Source: The Next Web

I’m really quite surprised this hasn’t happened yet.  We pretty much all are ok with this on the PC side with Steam.  You can’t trade/sell/buy used games on Steam.  You buy digitally and download it.  It’s tied to you.  It makes sense for many reasons: it’s easy, it prevents piracy, and it kills the used game market…which nobody makes money on besides the places that buy/sell the used games in the first place like Gamestop.  It makes no sense to me why we still have physical discs anyways.  Just go all digital.

With that said, I purposely buy used console games.  Why?  I don’t have a powerful enough gaming PC and I save money by buying used games since I play games usually years after they are released anyways.  But I would understand if this goes away in the future.  As long as the prices go down the older the game is (like it already does anyways, although not as fast and as low as used), it won’t be so bad.

Source: The Next Web

I’ll believe it when I see it.  They are making office for iOS and Android but it seems like a stretch, in my opinion, that they would make a Linux version.  iOS and Android have 98% of the market share or something ridiculous like that so it makes more sense that Microsoft would want Office on that.  Putting Office on Linux seems like admitting that Windows is/going to lose significant market share to Linux, which seems highly unlikely to me (how many years now have Linux nerds been saying it’s “The Year of the Linux Desktop”?).

Source: Engadget

I’m surprised I haven’t heard much of my friends talk about Windows 8.  I put it on my laptop again.  I used the preview before and I liked it.  Now, I really like it.  I try to stay in the “modern UI” as much as I can.  Surprisingly, it’s relatively easy.  Tile apps are really quite beautiful.  Better looking than iOS or Android.  Even with a mouse and a keyboard, the tile interface is fine. It’s better with touch but not awful with a mouse and keyboard.  It did take me some time to get used to it though.  It’s also faster than Windows 7.  So I give it a thumbs up.  Now, I really want a convertible Windows 8 Pro tablet/laptop.  I’m still waiting for the ideal one though.  I think the Asus Transformer Book that will be coming out is the best bet but I’m worried about the price.  The Lenovo Twist that is out now is really cool but it’s not that pretty and I think I want a removable keyboard…haven’t decided yet though.  I’m also curious to see the Microsoft Surface Pro when it comes out.

Reported by Engadget:

Lenovo was first out of the gate with a form-shifting Windows 8 machine when it unveiled the IdeaPad Yoga at CES. Now the company’s back with a convertible for its business customers, the ThinkPad Edge Twist. In many ways, it’s a convertible in the most conventional sense of the word: unlike the Yoga, whose screen folds all the way back, the Twist has a 12.5-inch display that can swivel all the way around and fold down into tablet mode. As a member of the Edge family, in particular, it blends design elements from Lenovo’s business and consumer 

lines, with metal accents, rounded edges, an island-style keyboard, a magnesium frame and, of course, that signature soft-touch finish.

Stealing the show is that 12.5-inch, 350-nit, Gorilla Glass-coated display, which uses IPS technology for wider angles. On the inside, the Twist runs your choice of a Core i5 or i7 processor, with up to 8GB of RAM and either a 128GB SSD or a 7,200RPM hard drive (320GB or 500GB). Battery life, meanwhile, is rated at up to seven hours. At 3.48 pounds, it’s heavier than some larger-screened Ultrabooks, but at least that 0.79-inch frame makes room for a full-sized Ethernet jack. (It also has a memory card reader, two USB 3.0 ports, mini-HDMI output and a mini-DisplayPort.) As for business-friendly features, the laptop offers TPM and can be configured with an optional 3G radio. Look for it on October 26th, starting at $849. 

This might be my next computer.

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