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Well I traded my Samsung Galaxy Note for a HTC One X+.  I love the Note for it’s large size (more about this in a second) but it’s dual-core CPU was killing me.  My tablet is quad core and was just leeps and bounds faster.  With still over a year left on my contract with AT&T(which I’ll be moving to an unlimited contract free provider anyways) and rumors of the Note 3 being announced soon, I figured I’d see if I could sell or trade my Note for anything . Well it worked out.  Traded a guy for a brand new HTC One X+.  So nice to have quad-core goodness on my phone.  I haven’t had an HTC device since my very first Android phone, the G1.  Nice to be back.  HTC makes good hardware.  And HTC Sense is actually one of the better looking Android skins, although I still rooted, ROM’d, and used the Nova launcher instead to give even more customization and speed.  It’s a 4.7″ screen vs the 5.3″ I had on the Note.  I gotta say…it’s nice to have a slightly smaller phone again.  It’s amazing how much smaller it feels but in a good way.  No SD card slot but it has 64GB onboard, which is more than I had on my Note with the 32GB SD card anyways.  External SD cards seem to be unreliable for me anyways.  They always crap out on me fairly quickly.  No removable battery but I wasn’t one who swapped out batteries anyway so not a big deal for me.  Anywho, really nice phone.  It’s a shame HTC has been tanking lately.  HTC makes a better device than Samsung IMHO.

If you haven’t heard of or checked out Google+ in a while, go there!  For those that don’t know, it’s a social network like Facebook.  I MUCH prefer it to Facebook.  Just a lot cleaner of an interface (funny as that was one of the reasons Facebook took over MySpace).  I find it hard to use Facebook when I go back to it but most of my friends and family are on Facebook.  I’d love to see more people on Google+ though!  Go there now!

See, now I think we are getting too expensive.  $330 for a Chromebook?  We are too close to regular laptop prices and are right in tablet prices (well, at least Android ones).  I think Chromebooks are kind of cool but only at $200 or less…and even then, I think I’d rather have an Android tablet.

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I certainly hope so.  I’m getting tired of some app developers still only making apps for iOS or doing it first.  Makes no sense to me.  I know the argument is that they make more money on iOS but I don’t think that’s true as much anymore.  I’ve bought several Android apps.  I will pay for a quality app.

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I can’t tell you how excited I am for this!  The US desperately needs competition in the mobile market.  It’s been rumored for years that Google wanted to get into this and now it seems it’s finally going to happen.  Not much detail yet but it’s said to be strictly a data only network with voice and SMS working over VoIP if you want it, I’m sure using Google Voice to do so.  This is EXACTLY what we need.  Hopefully the pricing will be extremely competitive.  Even if it’s the same, though, I’d switch to a Google mobile provider in a heart beat.


I forgot to post this the other day but after the iPad Mini announcement, I thought I would.  For those that don’t know what this is, It’s basically a laptop that runs the Chrome browser only.  Sounds limited but how much do you do on your computer that is really outside the “cloud”?  Even I do most of my stuff in the browser.  Google Chrome also has many apps itself that makes it pretty doable to use this even as a main computer.  At $250, it’s almost an impulse buy.  I find myself wanting it, even though I don’t need it.  Some specs on this guy?  11.6-inch screen capable of running 1080p video, weigh 2.5s pounds, 0.8 inches thick, and should run for 6.5 hours on battery for typical usage.