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Ok people so I’m looking to get a Macbook Pro so I can be an expert in both Windows and Mac.  I can get around Mac OS but since I don’t actually own a Mac, I’m not an expert on it like I am with Windows.  I don’t particularly want to spend the money on a Mac laptop considering for the cost, I could get a mega gaming Windows laptop but it’s for business so I gotta do it.  Question for you all that pay attention to Apple more, should I buy now or wait?  I’m looking to get a Macbook Pro non-retina.  Apple just announces new Macbook Air’s but nothing about Macbook Pros.  Rumor is the retina Macbook Pros should be upgraded shortly as well.  But never any mention of the non-retina Macbook Pros.  I’m guessing they are just going to phase them out as it has “legacy” stuff in it like a superdrive and it has user upgradable memory and hard drive (god forbid the user can upgrade their own computer…).  Plus i’ts just not as thin and beautiful as the Macbook Pro retina’s.  Anywho, I could buy a non-retina Macbook Pro now but I”m wondering if I should wait until the new retina Macbook Pro’s are announced to see if the non-retina Macbook Pros get a price drop.  What do you all think?

I certainly hope so.  I’m getting tired of some app developers still only making apps for iOS or doing it first.  Makes no sense to me.  I know the argument is that they make more money on iOS but I don’t think that’s true as much anymore.  I’ve bought several Android apps.  I will pay for a quality app.

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Can I say ‘meh’?  It’s 7.9″, which I think is not a big enough difference from the regular iPad and too big a difference from the iPhone/iPod Touch.  The price?  $330.  I’m sorry but that is too much.  You can get the iPad 2 for $399.  You can get the Google Nexus 7 for $200, which is arguably the “best” Android tablet right now.  I really think Apple dropped the ball here.  Google tablets are already cutting into the iPad sales because they are pretty good and quite a bit cheaper.  Sure, the Apple people will buy this regardless but the iPad Mini is not going to convert many people, in my opinion.  My prediction is that most people who buy this will be former 10″ iPad owners who just want a smaller/cheaper iPad and don’t care about Android.  If I’m right, Apple will had actually screwed themselves as their revenue will be lower and they won’t take much market share back from Android.  Apple could had destroyed the low end tablet market if they brought it out at even $250 probably.  We shall see what happens.



Today on the show we talk about the original series debuting on Netflix next month, say goodbye to IE6, Wndows Phone marketing push, RIM single Blackberry 10 phone, and the Nook sets holiday sales records.

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By   posted Dec 8th 2011 4:06AM
Just two days after the European Commission announced that it was investigating Apple and major international publishers for possible e-book price fixing, the US Justice Department has made it clear that it’s also launching a probe into the possibility of “anticompetitive practices involving e-book sales.” Although Justice Department officials didn’t name which companies they’re looking into, it’s very likely that they’re focusing on the same agreements between publishers and the major e-book platform owners — either Apple or Amazon or both.

Today on the show we talk about AT&T pulling T-Mobile’s application from the FCC, Secret Android app logging your keystrokes, Spotify apps announced, RIM to offer mobile device management on Android/iOS, and Google Maps 6.0 for Android adds indoor maps.

Hosts: Jadon Parker & Heru Amon


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