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The more I use Android, the more I realize that it could easily be my main computer.  In many ways, it already is.  I use my Android phone for almost everything.  I’ve got a 9″ Android table that I love.  But I still use my laptop on occasion for certain things.  Why?  Well, if I have to type a lot, I’m a LOT faster on a physical keyboard.  Also having some type of mouse is nice for certain things.  I could easily use an Android tablet as my main device.  For things I can’t do in Android, I could remote into my desktop via SplashTop.  If you haven’t checked out SplashTop, it’s amazing.  I don’t know how they do it but it’s freakishly fast remote access.  I tested it the other day and I could stream Hulu from my desktop on my tablet and it was easily watchable (with sound).  Crazy.  The specs on the new Asus Transformer Infinity are amazing.  HP also has one coming out around the same time with similar specs.  With HP’s priced at $480 with the keyboard dock, I would assume Asus will be around that price as well (I hear it will be $500).

I wonder if Microsoft is in a bit of trouble here.  I think it was Acer that is bringing out an Android desktop computer?  I”m a power user and I can still do quite a bit from Android.  For the non-power user, there is almost no reason to own a regular computer anymore.  You have to think about price too.  The Android computers are cheaper than Windows.  And with ARM, seemingly, being the future, I think Microsoft is going to have a hard time.  Yes, Microsoft has Windows RT for ARM but it’s so new that there are no apps.  I actually like the Windows 8 “metro” interface but with no apps, I just can’t use it.  Every type of app known to man is on Android.  It’s amazing.  I think it’s too little too late for Windows 8.  Yes, it will still be used by millions and millions, especially for business but for consumers, I think it’s done.  That’s obvious with the lack of “PC” sales the past couple of years.  People are going for tablets instead and I don’t blame them.  When a power user like me can use a tablet almost exclusively, what incentive is it for a regular user to spend more money on a more difficult operating system with no apps?  Nothing…

Well I traded my Samsung Galaxy Note for a HTC One X+.  I love the Note for it’s large size (more about this in a second) but it’s dual-core CPU was killing me.  My tablet is quad core and was just leeps and bounds faster.  With still over a year left on my contract with AT&T(which I’ll be moving to an unlimited contract free provider anyways) and rumors of the Note 3 being announced soon, I figured I’d see if I could sell or trade my Note for anything . Well it worked out.  Traded a guy for a brand new HTC One X+.  So nice to have quad-core goodness on my phone.  I haven’t had an HTC device since my very first Android phone, the G1.  Nice to be back.  HTC makes good hardware.  And HTC Sense is actually one of the better looking Android skins, although I still rooted, ROM’d, and used the Nova launcher instead to give even more customization and speed.  It’s a 4.7″ screen vs the 5.3″ I had on the Note.  I gotta say…it’s nice to have a slightly smaller phone again.  It’s amazing how much smaller it feels but in a good way.  No SD card slot but it has 64GB onboard, which is more than I had on my Note with the 32GB SD card anyways.  External SD cards seem to be unreliable for me anyways.  They always crap out on me fairly quickly.  No removable battery but I wasn’t one who swapped out batteries anyway so not a big deal for me.  Anywho, really nice phone.  It’s a shame HTC has been tanking lately.  HTC makes a better device than Samsung IMHO.

This is interesting news.  It’s obvious Samsung wants to control it all, from the hardware, to the operating system.  If anyone can do it, it’s Samsung but I still think it will be tough.  I mean, we have Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10, Ubuntu Mobile, Firefox Mobile, do we need another one.  It’s pretty much Android and iOS dominating with all the others a distant 3rd.  Much of Android’s domination is because of Samsung.  I guess that’s why they think they can get people to move to these new Tizen phones eventually.  We’ll see.

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I’ll believe it when I see it.  They are making office for iOS and Android but it seems like a stretch, in my opinion, that they would make a Linux version.  iOS and Android have 98% of the market share or something ridiculous like that so it makes more sense that Microsoft would want Office on that.  Putting Office on Linux seems like admitting that Windows is/going to lose significant market share to Linux, which seems highly unlikely to me (how many years now have Linux nerds been saying it’s “The Year of the Linux Desktop”?).

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What a bunch of crap.  The author of this article states that because some Android phones are free or inexpensive that that is the reason why Android is winning.  While that obviously contributes to the number of Android devices out there wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy S3 beating the iPhone at some point?  Ya, that’s a high end Android phone beating the iPhone.  Apple also has free and cheap iPhones as well so.  This author has no idea what he is talking about.  I see more and more people dumping iPhones for Android because iPhone is boring now.  I’d say the ONLY thing iPhones have going for it at this point is that they are still more smooth than Android but Android gets better in each release in that regard.

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I certainly hope so.  I’m getting tired of some app developers still only making apps for iOS or doing it first.  Makes no sense to me.  I know the argument is that they make more money on iOS but I don’t think that’s true as much anymore.  I’ve bought several Android apps.  I will pay for a quality app.

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