28 comments on “Stupid Comcast

  1. lmao nice one. if i am going to buy new wireless routers, i might as well invest in AC. I stream HD over multiple devices in my house so it would come in handy.

  2. I just started deployment of 802.11ac, remember you need compatible ac devices plus zero interference from other overlapping channels, standard 802.11a is a 20mhz wide channel, then with turbo mode it goes up to 40mhz wide. now with 802.11ac it goes up to 160mhz wide channel therefor not as many usable channels because you just used most of them up and hopefully no one else is sharing your RF spectrum.

  3. Meera Reed have you used their AC router? it doesn’t get the greatest of reviews. It’s cheaper than alternatives but that doesn’t matter much if it isn’t that great. Most likely I’ll just “borrow” an Asus one and use that for a bit until my current WAPs die. but we’ll see

  4. that’s what she said…ya i don’t really need AP’s. Ones i Have work just fine. I just need a router. Like I said, I’ll probably just use the Asus one.

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